Energy recovery in membrane technology (13.04.2022)

Energy recovery in membrane technology (13.04.2022)

by Claus Mertes -
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Subject Description:


The energy consumption of desalination plants in general is very high and therefore energy is one of the biggest cost factor in desalination plants. How can such costs be reduced?

The key word is “Energy Recovery - Energy Saving”!

Energy Recovery is used in RO plants as well as in thermal plants. During the last years systems of energy recovery have been modernised. The latest developments include the use of new and alternative materials as well as new technologies of pumps, valves and steering components.

This seminar gives an overview about the today’s commercially available Energy Recovery Systems. The latest innovations will be presented, apt for various plant sizes.

Who should attend:

This seminar is primarily aimed at suppliers, consultants, engineers and investors. Also welcome are universities and staff of research centers and all those who want to acquire special know-how about high pressure pumps and Energy Recovery Systems.