Designing a desalination plant is a tough chal-lenge and requires technical knowledge and know-how. In order to reduce cost it is im-portant to know the conception of causal rela-tion between the right pre- and post-treatment of water, the implementation of intake systems and pumps and the required result which means potable water.

This seminar gives you a guideline of how to start your conception of a desalination plant. It leads you along the water flow through the plant and shows the right steps of treating water.

Im Rahmen ausgewählter Vorträge geben Experten einen Überblick über die gängigsten Meerwasserentsalzungsverfahren und ihre Anwendung und stellen Märkte und Potentiale, Umweltaspekte und Trends aus Forschung und Entwicklung vor.


Desalination Plants with a capacity of 100.000 m³/day provide the population with drinking wa-ter via central networks. Plants with capacities of some 100 litres to some 500 m³/day secure the supply at decentralized sites without being con-nected to public supply mains. Many hotels and also local industry are heavily based on such sys-tems. The seminar is concentrated on decentral-ized and stand-alone desalination systems. The simple and robust handling of such plants will be the key subject. Most often energy consumption of small systems is not monitored. The seminar will have a close look at this area. Availability is the key in this business. Ordering tankers with water is always an expensive and unexpected situation. The seminar also points out how the independent energy supply of these systems se-cure the long-term water supply at decentralized sites, stressing the importance of such small plants.