Einfuhrung in die Wasserentsalzung, Technik-Märkte-Umwelt

Im Rahmen ausgewählter Vorträge geben Experten einen Überblick über die gängigsten Meerwasserentsalzungsverfahren und ihre Anwendung und stellen Märkte und Potentiale, Umweltaspekte und Trends aus Forschund und Entwicklung vor.

Introduction to Water Desalination: Technology-Markets, Environment

This Seminar addresses mainly representatives of politics, business and science, who want to acquire elementary technical and economical information about this important and rapidly growing branch.

In the framework of selected speeches international-ly recognised experts will present an overview on the most relevant desalination technologies and their application. Furthermore they will present markets, potentials and trends in research and development.

This Seminar will highlight the global actual situ-ation reviewing all existing desalination plants driven by nuclear power, point out necessities to ensure all safety aspects, show the latest developments of both fields of interest applica-ble for best solutions. At the end of the presen-tations the speakers will answer all your ques-tions and discuss with you.

Desalination driven by nuclear power is an op-tion to separate salty water into fresh water and brine. Nuclear power can provide tempera-tures and heat in a reasonable range for thermal processes and electricity for membrane pro-cesses. So called either process integrated (thermal) and project integrated (electricity) co-generation plants.

Desalination powered by solar energy is the oldest method nature does practice at all. But their are a lot of other possi-bilities to desalinate water with renew-able energies.

In this Seminar state of the Art devel-opments in renewable powered Desali-nation will be demonstrated. Partici-pants will have the chance to get an outlook into the existing and upcoming developments.

Desalination with small and mobile systems

Having water on time in place is a challenge. Building pipe lines is a limited option, depending on the distance water needs to be transported. Also having a plant not being operated due to sufficient rain fall looks like an investment not being in use.

All this gives mobile desalination plants an option to fill this gaps. And today amobile desalination plant can be in a pocket of a trouser producing less than 1 litre in an hours time up tp a desalination Tanker providing 70.000 m³/d.

Small desalination plants are today the majority of all installations found all around the world. Looking into the compo-nents used they have to be very robust and repayable at a reasonable price.

Membrane development is going very fast. New materials are developed, new composites are introduced, new concepts are published.

This Seminar will give the overview of what is coming next in RO Membrane development and sales to get the participants up to speed in one go.

Since the first RO plant has been erected the development of membranes has continuously proceeded further. The quality of membranes has been improved and the membrane technol-ogy diversified. Nowadays RO Membranes are pushed to the limits and new material and manufacturing developments opening and ab-sorbing old and new markets. At the end of the presentations the speakers will answer all your questions and discuss with you.

The Seminar gives a compact vendors overview about the existing membranes for mem-brane plants and the different fields of applica-tion in Europe and the Arabian countries. Latest R&D developments will be presented. In 2018 this is the first advanced seminar. This time our partner and sponsor of the seminar is Lanxess.

This seminar is primarily aimed at representa-tives of companies and universities as well as representatives of research and those who want to acquire this special know-how.